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There was an e-mail from the Dundee Rep in my inbox this week reminding me to go and see their latest production “Cars & Boys” [http://www.dundeerep.co.uk/event/cars-and-boys], which will be running until the 26th April. Sadly I wont be able to make it, but it did make me think of my one and only visit to the Rep, to see “And Then There Were None“, and dig out this flyer from the pile of still unsorted souvenirs and ephemera from my last holiday. It was a great performance by the Company, a great story (by Agatha Christie, if you didn’t know) and a great theatre going experience (the theatre itself being very intimate, especially if you are in the front row, as I was). The theatre goers of Dundee are also very friendly, although sharing a love of the works of Agatha Christie helped conversation along in my case, and there was a real buzz about the place.
The Rep also has, or certainly had, Tunnock’s chocolate caramel bars at the bar, something sadly lacking in most theatre venues.

Keep up the good work.