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Photo Archive: Clouds Hill, Dorset, June 2011.

It was on my first holiday in Dorset that Mr. W drove me out to Clouds Hill to look at the one time retreat of T. E. Lawrence. The property, maintained by the National Trust, appears at first to sit in splendid isolation, surrounded by trees, but the rumble of tanks soon reminded me of the proximity to Bovington Camp; the military installation Lawrence wanted to retreat from.
The interior is too unusual to give a short description of here, but I will say this, don’t overlook the garage. I was very affected by the sight of it. Lawrence died, as anyone who is interested in his life or has seen the film “Lawrence of Arabia” will tell you, in a motorcycle accident and the garage was presumable where he kept the Brough Superior he was riding on that fateful day; unless I’m very much mistaken.
If you are interested in T. E. Lawrence, the man or the legend, the incredibly complex personality or the “Boy’s Own” hero, the property is well worth the time and effort to visit. The house itself, especially its unusual interior decoration and unorthodox layout, should be a must see for anyone interested in design or architecture who finds themselves in that part of Dorset.

Here is a link to the National Trust website if you like to know more: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/clouds-hill/