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Another postcard from “Grannies Parlour” in Hull. What a lovely garden or is it an allotment? It’s rather narrow, but it looks like this gardener and his young assistant are making the most of all the available space. The young lad appears to be in his Sunday best, but the flat caps suggest a family connection with the more sensibly dressed man in front of the greenhouse. The postmark is smudged (and upside down), but I think I can make out a 10 and the stamp is a Edward VII green half-penny, so its definitely Edwardian, all-be-it very late Edwardian. It is addressed to a Mr. Robinson of Scarborough. The address looks like “Saudside”, but its more likely “Sandside”, right by the harbour in Scarborough, assuming there is a 29 Sandside. The message is addressed to “F & M” (father and mother?) and describes a trip to Sheffield; “We had a good day in Sheffield. Went home on the 6.25. Tired & worn out”. garden2   The last line makes reference to “going in the chair next week”; a wheel chair do you think? If so that can’t be Cyril in the photograph, can it? He looks fighting fit to me.