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Stained glass window, St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh.

This was my last photograph of the interior of St. Giles Cathedral, back in March, and it appears that I didn’t make a note of exactly what the rest of the window depicts, but saints featured in this panel are recognisable by the symbols that they are depicted with.

St. Stephen The Martyr, one of the Church’s first Deacons, carries the stones used by his executioners; he is also the patron saint of stone masons.

St. Agnes carries a lamb representing her innocence as a virgin-martyr. She is the patron saint of a whole range of things including gardeners, rape victims, engaged couples and the Diocese of Rockville Centre, Long Island, New York.

Behind them, hardly visible, is St. Mark, carrying the Gospel that bears his name. The Lion of St. Mark can also be seen above his head.