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Souvenirs: Free promotional literature, Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York St. Marys, May 2014.

York St. Mary’s is a great contemporary art venue and has become a regular stopping point on my walks around York over the years. I never plan my visits to St. Mary’s in advance and I had not heard of the Aestetica Art Prize before my visit, but all of the entries on display were very inspiring, especially “Song for the last Queen”, an installation by Sybille Neumeyer, which is featured on the cover of the leaflets above. Neumeyer’s work is about bees, a subject very close to my heart. You can get a closer look at the work on her website. If you’re in York before 22nd June I recommend you go and have a look at it for yourself.

The exhibition guide, pictured above, can be downloaded from the Aesthetica website: http://www.aestheticamagazine.com/art-prize-exhibition