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Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Portsmouth Naval Memorial.

Seeing the great obelisk, commemorating those members of the Royal Navy who lost their lives in the First World War, on the BBC news this morning, as part of the D-Day commemorations, reminded me of this set of photographs I took back in 2005, on my first visit to Portsmouth. They show the statues that punctuate the memorial plaques that commemorate those member of the Royal Navy who died during the Second World War (these plaques are on a memorial wall, which runs below the obelisk on the landward side of the memorial site). The photographs don’t show it, but it was a very windy afternoon [too windy for a walk really, but you have to make the most of what weather you are given when travelling around the UK] and I remember thinking how appropriately dressed the men on the memorial were, in their duffle coats and sea boots. Look out for details on the duffle coats, especially the toggles and loops, and the waves crashing around the sea boots; the only thing that hints at the cruelty of the sea on the otherwise serene monument.

Memorial. Memorial. Memorial. MemorialMore information about the memorial can be found here: http://www.portsmouth-guide.co.uk/local_f/warmem.htm