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Full length teacup.

Full length teacup.

I thought this was a teacup and saucer, but the “It’s in Nottingham” website describes it as “The coffee cup on Goose Street“, I’m assuming they know more about this willow construction than I do. this sculpture forms part of the Nottingham Floral Trail and this example is a pedestrianised area between Goose Gate and Carlton Street. It doesn’t look very floral at the moment, but the willow sculpture deserves a mention in it’s own right. I am rather ignorant when it comes to gardening matters, but I assuming that the flowers are not ready yet and will bloom in due course. The “It’s in Nottingham” website has published a list of the different willow sculptures if you would like to have a look at them yourself:http://www.itsinnottingham.com/news/106/Launch-of-Floral-Trail/

Close up teacup.

Close up coffee cup.