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Compton Abbas Airfield.

Compton Abbas Airfield.

What a great place for a cup of tea (and a great place to fly from, I guess). I don’t have a pilots license, like most people in the United Kingdom, and I am not a “plane spotter” (if that is the correct term), so I was a bit dubious when Mrs W suggested driving down from Shaftesbury to have a cup of tea there, but I was very pleasantry surprised! It seems that plenty of non-flyers go there to drink their afternoon tea and enjoy the sunny weather, whilst watching the aeroplanes taxiing passed or flying relatively low over your head. It was great fun!

Flying in...

Flying in…

Compton Abbas also seemed to be the ideal place for motorcyclists to meet up and have a brew; note the leather trousered chaps in my photographs (above and below).

...and taxiing along.

…and taxiing along.

You can read more about the airfield here: http://www.comptonabbasairfield.co.uk/