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Walking the walk.

Walking the walk.

was in the Lincolnshire market town of Louth this morning and managed to acquire some more photographs for my collection; this was my favourite. It was the hair of the chap on the left that caught my attention; what volume! I also like the pointed collar, cricket jumper and double breasted jacket look he’s sporting. His companion also seems to be sporting a cricket jumper under his suit jacket, but he seems to be affecting a smarter look with his slicked back hair, buttoned up collar and tie.

The photographers were kind enough to put their full address on the back of the postcard: A. E. Wrate. 17 Lumley Road and The Beach Studio, Skegness. Also High St. and The Kiosk, Mablethorpe. My last visit to Skegness was over three years ago, but my vague memories and a bit of map work, lead me to believe that this photograph was taken in Skegness, on the corner of Lumley Road and Lumley Avenue (the building on the right is still recognisable today as the HSBC bank).

The only thing written on the reverse is “Enolin Tooth Paste”.