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Stockport; the home of interesting, out of the ordinary, days out? It certainly was when I visited, back in 2008. My first port of call in Stockport was the Hat Works Museum, “The UK’s only museum dedicated to the hatting industry, hats and headwear” and then it was a case of “What else is there to see in Stockport?”

Stockport.…and that’s how I ended up spending most of my afternoon in Stockport under the ground, visiting Stockport’s Second World War era Air Raid Shelters! To quote Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council’s website the Air Raid Shelters, opened in 1939, were “the largest purpose-built civilian air raid shelters in the country designed to provide shelter for up to 6,500 people” and I can believe it, having walked around just a small proportion of the network of tunnels and chambers as part of the self guided tour. There are extended tours of the Air Raid Shelters in the evenings, described as explorer tours, and I have often thought about returning to Stockport to explore the tunnels further.