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A young Queen Victoria.

A young Queen Victoria carrying an orb and a sceptre, possible at her Coronation in 1838, but certainly before 1861, when she went into mourning following the death of her Consort, Prince Albert.

photographed a lot of these tiles, depicting notable personalities from the Cathedral’s past, on my only visit to Lichfield and all of the photographs also included my Karrimor walking shoes; I guess that’s why I’m not a professional photographer! I can’t remember the exact date these were taken, but it was before I got into the habit of always carrying a pen and scrap of paper with me, because the significance of some of them is completely lost on me now and I’ve taken the photographs at such an angle that the names on the tiles have been rendered unrecognisable! Oh well, here are three of the best (including Queen Victoria above):


King Oswy (or Oswiu or Oswig), King of Northumbria between 655 and 670. A devoted Christian of the Celtic tradition, Synod of Whitby attendee and monastery founder.


King Stephen aka Stephen of Blois, King of England between 1135 and 1154. I think it is fair to say that he usurped the throne from Henry I’s daughter, Matilda. The scroll he is holding is probably the letter from Pope Innocent II confirming Stephen as King.