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"The City of Truro" drawing quite a crowd.

“The City of Truro” drawing quite a crowd.

A close up.

A close up.

I remember watching the turntable demonstration on my very first visit to the National Railway Museum. On subsequence visits I didn’t have the patience to stand and watch it, but now, more than twenty years later, I like nothing more than to pause and watch the locomotive of the day take a spin; on this occasion “The City of Truro“.

The City of Truro” was a product of the Great Western Railways Swindon works and Swindonweb, a website about all things related to Swindon,  informs me that “The City of Truro” was “not only the first locomotive to reach and pass the magical speed of 100mph, but the first vehicle of any kind to reach such a milestone“. This record breaking time was recorded back in 1904, the same year, according to my “The Chronology of British History” by Alan and Veronica Palmer, that motor vehicle registrations and license plates were introduced and Henry Royce and Charles Royce unveiled the first Rolls-Royce.