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I discovered the works of Sir Stanley Spencer back in 2001, via my Art College’s library no doubt, but I didn’t become aware of his series of works entitled “Shipbuilding on the Clyde“. I seem to think the art reference books I studied at College concentrated on Spencer’s Biblical works set in and around Cookham, which I love, and that it was through the pages of BBC History Magazine that I found out about this exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North. This was my second visit to the museum, which opened in 2002, but it was all still very new to me and most visitors, I expect. There is a very good article on the Art Fund’s website about “Spencer’s War“, which features some of the same works as the exhibition and describes the “Shipbuilding on the Clyde” collection as “one of the most remarkable artistic records of the Second World War“. When I visited the newly reopened Imperial War Museum London last year I’m sure they had some of these works on display, but I can’t recall which ones.

pS. …and note the flyer for the Auld Tram in the background; a souvenir from Dundee.