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A three-piece suit was obviously deemed essential attire for a formal portrait by the gentleman in this photograph, even if the three pieces did not originally belong together. Isn’t the waistcoat striking? Note the chain running across this chap’s chest and through the button hole of his waistcoat. Perhaps the chain or the item on the end of it was regarded as such a prized procession, meriting inclusion in the portrait, that any waistcoat would do in order to show it off? Perhaps the waistcoat was an old favourite. We’ll never know.

The photograph was taken by F J Seaman of “Hull, York, Scarborough, Bridlington, Beverley, Blackpool and according to the Photo-Slauth, the F J stands for Fredrick Joseph. It seems that professional photography was the family business, but I won’t quote from Mr. Paynes’ blog word for word; follow the link if you are interested. I’m assuming that this photograph was taken at the Hull branch of the business, because I found the portrait in Hull; another find from Granny’s Parlour antiques on Anlaby Road.