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It’s not the best reproduction of the work in question, but I had to take something away as a souvenir; “Le Parisienne” being one of my favourites [you can get a better view of it on the National Museum’s website, where the blue is described as “heavenly“]. I fell The Parisian Girl on my first visit to the National Museum back in 2012 [when I bought the souvenir mug featured previously in this section of my blog] and I would recommend the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Galleries to any art lover. The National Museum Cardiff does not charge an admissions fee, so on all my subsequent visits to the city I have made time, however busy my schedule is [and what ever the weather], to sit down in front of this Renoir. I recommend that you look at some of the other paintings to, if you’ve got the time, because the gallery attendants might well raise an eyebrow if you rush in, ignoring all the other works, sit down in front of one and then walk away! The painting forms part of The Davies Sisters Collection, which includes, “Renoir’s famous Blue Lady, La Parisienne, Monet’s Rouen Cathedral, three of his Venetian views, Rodin’s The Kiss and other works by Manet and Pissarro“, so there is plenty to see.