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Like a lot of my souvenirs from Wales, it speaks to one in two languages; English and Welsh. As an English dyslexic I have always found language fascinating, mysterious and occasionally terrifying, in fact my first visit to Cardiff reawakened a lot of childhood memories relating my struggles to learn to read English! The theatr and sinema on the Welsh side of this publication are good examples of words you would find in my old school exercise books. Now, after the initial shock of arriving at Cardiff’s Central Station and finding twice the amount of signs and notices you would get on the platform of an English station, you’ll more than likely find me holding up the pedestrian traffic because I’ve stopped to read something [I haven’t managed to learn any Welsh using this technique].

Anyway… Chapter is “an ambitious, multi-artform cultural space” in the Canton area of Cardiff; Market Road to be exact. There are a lot of interesting things in this publication, especially the cinema section. In September alone I missed a screening of “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari“, a Chinese cinema season and a Stanley Baker retrospective, featuring the 1960 classic “Hell is a City“. Looking at there website it looks as if I’m going to miss David Hemmings in “Blow Up” and the Bad Film Club, which is an absolutely brilliant idea (the next Bad Film is “Left Behind” starring Nicolas Cage.