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At the summit.
This photograph has one or two things written and printed on the back of it. What I presume is the date, “aug 9/34“, is written in pencil in the top right hand corner with “Pendle…” something written underneath that [Pendle Top, Pendle Tor, the first word definitely starts P e n d and the second word definitely starts with a capital]. I’m assuming the Pendle refers to Pendle in Lancashire, but I’m open to suggestions! Velox is printed on the paper three times, which I assume relates to Kodak Velox paper and a number stamped in green ink, 7 40, which was presumably placed there by the photographer who developed the photograph.

The trio seems very pleased with themselves and their rocky seat reminds me of the cairns found at the top of hills and mountains to mark the summit, so I assume they are having their photograph taken to celebrate the end of their walk up hill; I have had a couple of photographs taken of myself under similar circumstances. Unlike modern walkers they haven’t seen the need to don any specialist clothing, although the lady and the gentleman on her left have buttoned their overcoats up to the neck. Note the gentleman on the lady’s right is wearing a tie with what looks like a stiff white collar.

I wonder who is taking the photograph?