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I can’t remember how my mother came to book a room at The Castle in Berwick-upon-Tweed, in fact I have a distinct feeling that we just turned up on the day and took the last rooms available, definitely more than six years ago, probably more than ten years ago! I recall having a view of Castlegate from my room and my mother or possibly my sister having views of the train station and the East Coast mainline from their windows. I must have been over eighteen years old at the time, because I remember how busy the public bar was in the evening. I stood at the bar, I remember distinctly, because that was the only space available in the crowded room. I remember breakfast in the restaurant being a lot quieter than the bar had been the night before and all the other guests being birdwatchers who were heading down the Northumberland coast to somewhere of special ornithological interest. I wonder what The Castle is like now? I wonder why we were there at all!


Years later, in March 2014, I was travelling South, from Edinburgh along the East Coast mainline. I had my camera ready, because the Royal Border Bridge, which carries the railway over the River Tweed at Berwick-upon-Tweed, offers a view of the river mouth and the town and I wanted to try and photograph it whilst we were in motion. Then, from the station, before the bridge, I noticed “The Castle“; looking as if I checked out of it yesterday.