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The seafront was overcast this morning, but it was still warm and the clouds forming over head didn’t seem to put visitors off; in fact it was quite busy! The sea anglers were out along the seawall, but I didn’t see anybody catch anything. Two empty trailers on the slipway suggested two small boats had gone out, but I couldn’t see any sign of them out in the Estuary. All the usual suspects were on The Promenade, the dog walkers, a jogger and a couple working their way around the Oddballs Crazy Golf Course, but there were other characters out and about.

The swimmer.

The swimmer.

I spotted a person swimming parallel with the beach wearing a swimming cap; a braver person than me! Two chaps were carrying out repairs to the modest ferris wheel. A party of primary school children were playing games, including cricket [using plastic cricket bats]. The Pier is covered in scaffolding at the moment, as it undergoes an extensive makeover, so workmen were very much in evidence on The Pier itself and on the slipway beside it. The sails of wind surfers could be seen far out.

The donkeys were on the beach with their wrangler and deckchairs were available for hire, so it must be Summer.