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Wimborne Minster.
To quote from Richard Taylor’s “How To Read a Church“, “The moment of the Resurrection is not recorded in the Gospel, but it is widely portrayed in the art of the Western Church. Jesus emerges in glory from the tomb. He is dressed in white or gold and may be holding the banner of the Resurrection, a pole bearing a pendant with a red cross on a white background“.

Here the banner has a white cross on a red background, but I think it is safe to say that the central figure in this scene is Jesus Christ, bearing the wounds of his crucifixion (note hole in the palm of the right hand), rising from a rather fantastical tomb! The scene is made even more unusual by the presence of an angel in the foreground removing what looks like the lid of what Taylor describes in his book as a “modern box-tomb“, which seems to bear little relation to the crenelated from which Jesus Christ is emerging.