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I’m sure the interior of the room was just as interesting. 

According to Canterbury.co.uk, “Greyfriars Chapel, set in the Franciscan Gardens, is the only building now remaining of the first English Franciscan Friary built in 1267, forty three years after the first Friars settled in Canterbury, during the lifetime of St Francis of Assisi“, but I don’t think I knew that at the time; it was simply a beautiful building viewed from a rather interesting museum.

The Canterbury Heritage Museum is housed in “the magnificent medieval Poor Priests Hospital” and houses a wide range of treasures, including… the original Bagpuss. In 1958 Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin set up Smallfilms animations in a barn in Bleam, near Canterbury. Between them they were responsible for producing Noggin The Nog, The Clangers, Bagpuss and many other animated children’s television favourites.

It’s amusing to think that there are so few degrees of separation between St Francis of Assisi, the creators of The Clangers and myself!