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dscn6354-2According to WWW.Waymarking.Com, this pebble mosaic was designed by Maggy Howarth and it forms part of a memorial to Councillor Brian Lynch, who had a seafaring past, having served in the “navy“; presumably the Royal Navy, rather than the mercantile marine. Bradford-by-the-Sea was also a nickname given to Morecombe, because so many mill workers from Bradford holidayed in the Lancashire seaside town, so Bradford does, or certainly did, have strong links with the coast.

dscn6352-2Having travelled from the coast all the way to West Yorkshire, it was very comforting to see the sea or at least a fantastical vision of it, with seahorses bobbing along beside octopuses and crabs.


If you happen to be leaving the train at Bradford Interchange station and set off towards the city centre on foot, look out for Norfolk Gardens and its pebble mosaic.