The Antics Roadshow is a blog written by an English bachelor, in his early thirties, commonly known as Mr. B to his friends and passing acquaintances alike, who spends most of his leisure time exploring the British Isles, planning new adventurers to corners of the country he hasn’t yet visited and reminiscing about places he has visited and would like to return to.

The main body of the blog is formed by the Photo Archive, which contains photographs and reminisces of places I have visited more than a year ago, the Souvenirs section, which focuses on items I have brought back from my adventures and the Out and About section, which covers places I have visited recently.

I also get a lot of pleasure from the roses growing in my back garden garden and collecting old photograph and postcards, which also make infrequent appearances amongst the photographs and descriptions of places I have visited.

Although I like to try and travel as widely as possible I cannot drive so this blog may appear to favour some areas of the country more than others, as I travel between the homes of friends and acquaintances or travel for business and pleasure along regular routes. Urban areas of Yorkshire feature prominently amongst my posts, but the city of Bristol and the coast of Dorset also make regular appearances. Cleethorpes, also has its own section, as I make regular trips to the seaside, as does the city of Hull, where I studied for three very memorable years.

I hope you find my observations interesting and feel free to add observations of your own.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. B.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. A pleasure to meet you.

  2. simon robinson said:

    Any chance of scans of the two walking pictures on your site? I’m collecting material for a book on these images (Go Home On A Postcard). The second photo is indeed by Wrates in Skegness. Be nice to try and squeeze these in!

  3. Hi Mr. B,
    Thank you for following my blog. I hope it will give you some pleasure. I am happy to return the compliment. Now in my 80’s, I have spent half my life in Ireland and half in New Zealand. I have always been fascinated by History and Photography – esp. B&W.
    England is a fascinating country with all its history. Unfortunately I have only spent a year there, working in Portsmouth. A goldmine for an historian! Des.

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