The Railway Children, Bradford Interchange, Bradford, 09/02/16.


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With the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, the location for Lionel Jeffries’ 1970 film version of “The Railway Children“, being  only a few station stops away, I suppose it is only right that a scene from “The Railway Children” welcomes visitors to Bradford. Interestingly though, it might be quickly to get to Keighley from Bradford’s other railway station, Bradford Forest Square, but there is only 20 minutes in it!

Photo Archive: A Grand Day Out, Wallace and Gromit From the Drawing Board Exhibition, The M Shed, Bristol, 07/08/14.


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Places and objects brought to me by the wonders of film and television do not always stand up to closer examination, but I always think of the day my sister took me to the M Shed’s “Wallace and Gromit from the drawing board” exhibition as the day I met Wallace and Gromit; the detail is incredible.


At the time I appeared to be more impressed with the view from the M Shed roof, which is or certainly was fully accessible at the time of my visit. I posted “The View from the M Shed Roof” back in 2014.

“Objectif Lune”, Joe’s Store Window Display by Night, Friar Lane, Nottingham, 07/08/16.


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It‘s strange how something can become icon in a person’s mind. I have never read Hergé’s “Destination Moon“, but the image of the rocket on the cover has somehow lodged itself firmly in my brain to such an extent that I became very excited to see this shop window display as I was walking up Friar Lane, towards Nottingham Castle or, more accurately, the “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem” public house. I suppose it is quite distinctive as far as rockets go, in the same way “The Mallard” or “Flying Scotsman” are distinctive looking steam locomotives, but, in design terms, it also helps that it is a model of a fictitious rocket and its form has not been compromised by the practicalities of space travel! Hergé’s “Destination Moon” was published in 1953, predating Nasa’s Apollo Program by 8 years and the Moon landings by 16 years.

Joe’s Store is well worth a visit [I retraced my steps back to the shop the next day]… if you’re fan of Tintin. 

Bradford-by-the-Sea Pebble Mosaic, Norfolk Gardens, Bradford, 09/02/16.


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dscn6354-2According to WWW.Waymarking.Com, this pebble mosaic was designed by Maggy Howarth and it forms part of a memorial to Councillor Brian Lynch, who had a seafaring past, having served in the “navy“; presumably the Royal Navy, rather than the mercantile marine. Bradford-by-the-Sea was also a nickname given to Morecombe, because so many mill workers from Bradford holidayed in the Lancashire seaside town, so Bradford does, or certainly did, have strong links with the coast.

dscn6352-2Having travelled from the coast all the way to West Yorkshire, it was very comforting to see the sea or at least a fantastical vision of it, with seahorses bobbing along beside octopuses and crabs.


If you happen to be leaving the train at Bradford Interchange station and set off towards the city centre on foot, look out for Norfolk Gardens and its pebble mosaic.